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Tree planting quotes |Nature quotes|Tree quotes|Forest quotes I would like to have a couple of minutes to clarify where I’m coming from. Last year 10 years were so unbelievably beautiful with adventures beginning from hiking via Kilimanjaro to camping at a nearby country park like Calaveras Big Trees camping at California. Each time I hit … Read more

“Proving people wrong quotes” |prove them wrong

proving people wrong quotes

Proving people wrong quotes Have you always made excuses in your life so far ? Are you tired of listening to people “You can’t do something “? Do your own parents doubt that you could be successful in life or achieve something big ? Then stop making excuses . It does not matter what your … Read more

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lion quotes

Lion qoutes Have you ever seen a lion in real life ? If yes , then you would know how fearless and scary animal it is . But there are bigger animals in a jungle than a lion .Then why is lion called the King of the jungle ? Lion is the king because of … Read more